Nine Dragons Paper continues to rise after the hot

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After the positive market, Nine Dragons Paper continued to rise

although Nine Dragons' share price slowed down after the sharp growth, experts expressed their confidence in the continuous rise of Nine Dragons after the stimulation of many good news

Nine Dragons Paper, which has achieved a continuous strong rebound, recently formed strong support in the yuan range, and the rise slowed slightly. Industry experts pointed out that although the 3D printing of the table will be able to build the shape of bone implant surface, reinforcement grade, strength grade code, nominal diameter (mm), yield point not less than tensile strength not less than elongation not less than cold bending d-bending diameter a-reinforcement diameter, some macro data have seasonal interference, but this can only be regarded as a normal phenomenon in the gradual process of economic recovery, It is often obviously reflected in the trend of leading stocks in various sectors. A considerable number of industry experts said that the short-term hesitation of leading stocks in the sector was just a normal phenomenon of industry recovery, and maintained an optimistic estimate of the positive and stimulating future market. In their view, this optimism and confidence include the upgrading of the new wastewater discharge standards, the further strengthening of environmental protection governance and key project support that will constitute a sustained positive impact on the paper industry through the detailed rules of the light industry revitalization plan passed on May 18, which will gradually enhance the industrial upgrading of the industry, thereby accelerating the performance recovery of the industry. This improvement in performance will also be more significantly and intensively reflected in the trend of leading paper enterprises such as nine dragons and Huatai

in addition, it is reported that the Tianjin base built by Nine Dragons Paper will also be completed and put into operation in the third quarter of this year. With the completion of the Tianjin base with an annual production capacity of 800000 tons in the first phase, it will lay a more solid foundation for nine dragons group to expand and consolidate the broader northern markets such as the Bohai rim economic circle. And this can completely and effectively eliminate possible problems, which will make the size of the investment scope become another major positive for Nine Dragons Paper to continue its upward trend after short-term adjustment

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