Ni launched a series of high-performance smart cam

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Ni launched a series of high-performance smart cameras

in December 2007, Ni announced the launch of ni1722 and 1742 smart cameras, providing engineers and scientists with a cost-effective machine vision system. Ni smart camera is an embedded device that connects industrial controller and image sensor, and integrates Ni vision software. Image processing can be realized directly on the camera, which is suitable for local positioning, packaging inspection, set inspection, 1-D, 2-D coding reading and other applications

then change the cut different processing into 200mm experimental materials that cannot move the shape up and down for testing. These two new smart cameras come with nivisionbuilderforautomatedinspection (AI) software, which is an interactive software without programming and used for setting, calibrating and publishing machine vision applications. Using this direct menu software, engineers can create complex machine vision applications. It not only combines the visual algorithm, but also uses the built-in state graph to realize the cycle and jump, so as to realize the base, which greatly widens the scope of the experiment to the execution of the state. For more advanced applications, Ni smart camera can also integrate nilabview software and complete Ni image processing and machine vision algorithm library, such as edge detection, graphic matching, 1-D and 2-D code reading, optical character recognition, etc. Machine vision applications can be interoperable between platforms with little modification, because LabVIEW and visionbuilderai can support a full range of hardware

"the release of Ni smart camera represents a significant step towards the vision industry. It has achieved a cost-effective solution, while enabling Ni vision hardware to extend beyond PC based systems and the existing compactvisionsystems (CVS) to sensors." Mr. johnhanks, vice president of Ni industrial products market, said, "from silicon wafer inspection to food packaging, Ni smart camera provides a simple and easy-to-use integrated inspection solution for machinery manufacturers and engineers, and its function is equivalent to a fully functional vision system."

ni1722 has a 400MHz PowerPC processor, while ni1742 has a 533MHz processor, which can be specially used in harsh industrial environments. The monochrome VGA (640x480) image sensor used in these two camera targeting solutions is a high-quality Sony charge coupled device. The camera also has built-in industrial i/o, including two optically isolated digital inputs and two optically isolated digital outputs, an RS232 serial port and two Gigabit Ethernet ports supporting industrial protocols, including modbustcp

in addition, ni1742 includes the support function of quadrature encoder and a built-in controller characterized by Ni direct drive light source technology. Through the orthogonal coding support function, engineers can easily realize synchronous monitoring through linear or rotary drive systems. The Ni direct drive controller has a built-in LED lighting facility that provides a constant current of up to 500mA and a flash current of up to 1a. The flash lamp can make the light up to 4 times without damaging the light source

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