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Nine Dragons deployed in the downstream industry, the cardboard factory was in danger, and the secondary carton factory was in danger

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core tip: it is particularly important to remind that demand continues to shrink, and the rapid depreciation of the RMB exchange rate is prompting nine dragons and mountain eagles to accelerate the pace of waving cost weapons to the downstream industry

[China Packaging News] it is particularly important to remind that demand continues to shrink, and the rapid depreciation of the RMB exchange rate is prompting nine dragons and mountain eagles to accelerate the pace of waving cost weapons to the downstream industry

recently, a quotation of cardboard trial machine issued by nine dragons intelligent packaging (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. entered the market in a low-key way. In an instant, the entire cardboard and carton industry in the Pearl River Delta was in a bloody situation. According to the estimation of Dongguan paperboard industry, the quotation is at least 10% lower than that of peers with the same specification, and the price difference per square meter can reach as much as 0.50 yuan

faced with the dimension reduction blow of nine dragons, the cardboard factory bosses who bear the brunt exclaimed that according to the playing method of nine dragons, most cardboard factories in the Pearl River Delta are waiting to collect scrap iron. Moreover, in view of the decreasing market demand, a large number of carton orders will flow to nine dragons' bowl, based on Nine Dragons' 17 million tons of base paper production capacity

the mode of Nine Dragons' penetration into downstream industries is not new. It is not surprising that Shanying, Rongcheng, Jingxing, yongfengyu and other enterprises have played the whole industrial chain for a long time. However, nine dragons, as the industry's first leader in some heavy industry enterprises, often use super heavy load hydraulic universal experimental machine. It is really too large and influential. The halo effect caused by it has completely triggered the stress psychology of the paper packaging industry

in the face of the momentum of nine dragons, the business of the packaging factory is scared crazy, and the owner of the packaging factory is about to be driven crazy

the situation of the secondary plant is grim, and the tertiary plant reaps the benefits.

no matter how angry and opposed the opponents are, with nine dragons' overwhelming cost advantage, the cardboard plant with a radius of 150 kilometers around it will disappear. In addition, nine dragons has also introduced high-speed online carton processing equipment, and some carton enterprises that produce packaging of household chemicals, food and beverage and other FMCG products will also be destroyed

considering that there is far more than one enterprise in the whole industry chain mode like nine dragons, even Shanying, yongfengyu, Rongcheng and other enterprises also have the ability to accept complex orders, and they all have great cost advantages. Once the follow-up effect is formed, the whole secondary carton industry may face a huge survival crisis

more than 78% of users found that they urgently need to reduce costs. Therefore, in the case of shrinking market orders, enterprises in the whole industry chain are bound to make full use of cost advantages to redistribute a part of the packaging market that is very sensitive to cost

on the contrary, the third level carton factory, which had a deep rift with the cardboard factory in the past year, did not hesitate to embrace nine dragons. Moreover, the heavy service and small batch orders of the third level factory formed a natural complementarity with the whole industry chain model such as nine dragons. Therefore, when nine dragons' cardboard quotation was passed to the tertiary carton industry, it attracted a lot of cheers and cheers, and even couldn't hide the teasing of the cardboard factory. Now for the tertiary carton industry, the biggest problem is how to connect with the salesperson of nine dragons as soon as possible

it is particularly important to remind that demand continues to shrink, and the rapid depreciation of the RMB exchange rate is prompting nine dragons and mountain eagles to accelerate the pace of waving cost weapons to promote downstream industries

shrinking demand is the fundamental reason why Nine Dragons nibble at the downstream.

in the years when China's paper packaging market is booming, the upstream paper-making enterprises represented by nine dragons and Levin focus on producing paper for the downstream industry. In the process of selecting universal electronic tensile testing machines, nine dragons even once gave up the plan to operate corrugated cardboard by themselves. Since then, although Nine Dragons once had a takeover scandal with Hexing packaging, this large paper packaging trust that people in the industry fear has never been formed

why did Nine Dragons choose to enter the downstream industry at this time? Some insiders believe that this is a punitive measure taken by nine dragons against the resistance of downstream enterprises to reduce the stock of base paper. In fact, the fundamental reason is that the market demand for packaging paper has shrunk significantly than expected

in the past few years, the excessive prosperity of the real estate market and the construction of railway infrastructure has greatly overdrawn the consumption capacity of the general public; Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the stubborn disease of unfair distribution has intensified, weakening the consumption capacity of ordinary people; The continuous rising cost of production factors in China has forced a large number of manufacturing orders to transfer to Southeast Asia; However, the uncontrolled rise in the price of wrapping paper in the past two years has led to a large number of paper packages being replaced, further compressing the market space

in view of the fact that there is no objective and real data to support the packaging paper market, it was once predicted that 10million tons of remaining packaging paper were retained in the warehouses of paper traders or paper mills last year. This year, the demand for wrapping paper continues to plummet%, and it is pessimistic to predict that 2 competitors are facing a life and death crisis, with a desperate demand of only 45million tons in 2018. If it is true to reduce the demand for 20million tons of wrapping paper in two years, it is easy to explain why the market has been so cold. Under the huge pressure of oversupply, nine dragons can only carry out a major clean-up of the downstream market

packaging demand: declining for two consecutive years

we can imagine what to do in the next few years after a family borrows a lot of foreign debt from relatives and friends, borrows a lot from the bank, lives in a magnificent house, and buys a luxury car? The only feasible way to maintain a life with a house and a car is to live frugally. A family, an industry and a country should do the same

therefore, in the next few years, China's economy will inevitably enter a debt repayment period, market demand will enter a contraction period, and a major reshuffle of all walks of life will be inevitable

of course, with the improvement of productivity and consumption upgrading, while the number of packaging industry decreases, some new value-added demand will also arise

for many packaging and printing enterprises, the only way to deal with the crisis is to change to innovative packaging enterprises, service-oriented packaging enterprises, and value-added packaging enterprises. And these changes must develop a large number of high-quality customers who need these new packaging and new services. Once the enterprise has no high-quality customers to help resist the cold winter of the market, when it meets fierce competition, it is not far from death

the coming second half of 2018 is probably the most challenging half year for countless packaging and printing enterprises since the reform and opening up. Not only are the six wallets close to drying up, on the contrary, many people are overwhelmed by "seven loans" such as business loans, housing loans, car loans, consumer loans, education loans, private loans, and usury. Exports and domestic fees are doomed to be miserable

at this time, how can we solve our worries? Only change

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