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First robot competition selects Ni compactrio as the next generation robot control system

more than 42000 students participating in the first robot competition use the Ni robot platform based on NI LabVIEW to develop advanced robot applications

April 17, 2008

first (full name forinspirationandrecognitionofscienceandtechnology) as a non-profit organization that encourages teenagers to become pioneers in science and technology, The compactrio embedded control platform of National Instruments Co., Ltd. (Ni) is selected as the robot controller of its next generation first robot competition (FRC). Starting from the 2009first season, high school students will design advanced robots on this platform. Based on compactrio, students can program their robots using nilabview graphical programming software or ansic language

compactrio platform enables high school students to experience advanced controllability and Zhuoyue performance, including 400 MHz PowerPC and FPGA based i/o. Compactrio modular i/o system provides options for connecting to a wide variety of sensors and brakes and powerful real-time visual processing to build a highly developed robot. Through the latest technologies such as wireless monitoring and simulation, students can create robots in driving control or full-automatic mode to obtain more competitive control technology and more accurate design

in the next five years to increase the activity platform, Ni will sponsor millions of dollars worth of real objects to first organization to provide compactrio system to participants. Some major technology suppliers also cooperate with Ni to provide in kind sponsorship of parts used to build compactrio control system. Leading companies in these industries include Altera, analogdevices, Boston engineering, chipx, doveelectronics, Freescale, MSI, texasinstruments, tti

, westak, WinDriver, worcesterpolytechnicinstitute and Xilinx. The support of these companies is helping Ni provide a cutting-edge embedded platform, which is equivalent to building the most advanced industrial system

"our goal is to carry out first activities in every university and change the public's concept, so that they can celebrate the outstanding performance in the field of science and engineering technology as they celebrate the sports meeting." Deankamen, the founder of first organization and chairman of Deka research and development company, said, "it is the support of partners such as Ni company that makes first4. Well cover pressure testing machine suitable for well cover tightening and zigzag strength testing, and t organization has achieved its goal."

first organization enables students to participate in it and encourages students to discover the mystery and fun of science and technology through a series of robot competitions (such as youth first LEGO League, first LEGO League, first technology challenge, and first robot competition). With the cooperation of Ni, Lego and first, a total of 150000 students participating in the first competition will have the opportunity to experience programming platform technologies from LEGO MindstormsNXT robot to nilabview. This unity of robot and software enables students to learn technologies suitable for their age in a vivid hands-on learning environment

"we choose to cooperate with first because we believe that science, technology, engineering and Mathematics (stem) will have a great impact on the birth of more scientists and engineers." rayalmgren, vice president of Ni institutional relations, said: "Add compactrio and LabVIEW software to the robot platform used in the competition. Because of their convenience and the high efficiency of nilabview graphical programming, first can also enhance the technical performance of team robots while extending the programming technology to a wider range of student groups."

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National Instruments Co., Ltd. is committed to improving the quality of engineering and science education by providing teachers and students with powerful graphical system design software and modular hardware. Both professors and students benefit from powerful professional tools, such as nilabview, which can help students understand and realize engineering concepts visually. Combined with LabVIEW, the course can create an effective and vivid learning environment, which is not only applicable to LEGO Mindstorms NXT in junior high school, but also applicable to research and work laboratories in universities. For more information about Ni college products, course resources and product discounts, please browse

about first

first (forinspirationandrecognitionofscienceandtechnology) is an American inventor with remarkable achievements Dean 8226; Carmen founded a non-profit organization in 1989 to encourage young people to have a strong interest and enthusiasm in stress resistance and technology application. First, headquartered in Manchester, N.H., encourages young people's interest in the application of science and technology. At the same time, it also designs many easy to participate and innovative projects to help young people enhance self-confidence, increase knowledge and develop life skills. With the support of many famous companies in the world, the non-profit organization hosted the firstroboticscompetition and firsttechchallenge for high school students; Hosted firstlegoleague League for year-old teenagers and junior firstlegoleague League for year-old children. For more first information, please click on Ni

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nationalinstruments (Ni) is committed to bringing revolutionary ideas to engineers and scientists in the fields of test measurement, automation and embedded applications, from "virtual instrument technology" to "graphical system design", to help them achieve more efficient and optimized design, prototype and release. Ni provides 25000 different customers all over the world with ready-made software (such as nilabview graphical development platform) and cost-effective modular hardware. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Ni has branches in nearly 40 countries and regions, with a total of more than 4500 employees. In the past nine consecutive years, Ni has been rated as "one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States" by Fortune magazine. For more information about Ni, please visit or call

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