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Red hat cloudforms4: a milestone in hybrid cloud management

red hat, the world's open source solution provider, recently announced the launch of red hat cloudforms4, the latest version of red hat's award-winning hybrid cloud management solution. Red hat cloudforms4 is built on an open platform, which brings users self-service, while providing cross platform consistent experience and comprehensive life cycle management, covering virtualization, private cloud, public cloud and container. Xinlun composite, a wholly-owned subsidiary of many companies, has signed a "strategic cooperation and procurement framework agreement" with Funeng technology

support microsoftazure and container management

red hat cloudforms3.2 is the first open source cloud management platform in the industry, which can manage openstack infrastructure and workload through a single integrated platform. With the launch of red hat cloudforms4, red hat continues to provide new features required by platforms and tools for enterprise development and operation and maintenance personnel

support microsoftazure after red hat recently announced its cooperation with Microsoft, red hat cloudforms expanded its management platform and incorporated microsoftazure for the first time, so that Microsoft azure users can manage their workload and resources through cloudforms

support for containers as more and more enterprises plan to run task loads in containers, users want to know more about these new configurations. Cloudforms4 adds the management of container architecture, so that users can see at a glance the workload running in Red Hat Enterprise openshift and the infrastructure hosting openshift. Cloudforms manages the relationships between containers, platform as a service (PAAS), infrastructure as a service (IAAs), and physical machines

improved self-service and operation with the improved dashboard and charts in cloudforms, users can more easily view the relationship between different cloud platforms and container hosts running in the production environment

red hat cloudforms can constantly discover and automatically check new resources to provide insight into the operation of the platform, including amazonwebservices, Hyper-V, microsoftazure, red hat openshift, openstack, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and VMware. Red hat cloudforms also adopts an automation strategy, and users can manage enterprise resources through a single operation interface

the experimental results can automatically store the development momentum of the manageiq community

red hat cloudforms4 is the third version released based on the manageiq open source project. The manageiq project was launched by red hat in June 2014 based on the code of the manageiq company it acquired. The manageiq community brings together developers, service providers, system integrators, researchers and users to collaborate and innovate in the unified management of hybrid cloud environments. Since the last version of cloudforms was launched, it has created a great influence in the community and received contributions from the following enterprises:

boozallenhamilton: contributed code for integrating open source cloud agents projectjellyfish and manageiq. Boozallen launched projectjellyfish in 2014 to make cloud service management simpler and more intuitive, and it is easier to obtain agents. Projectjellyfish is the foundation of the new self-service interface in red hat cloudforms4

nuagenetworks: it is building relevant solutions for managing software definition networks (SDNS) for cloudforms, and plans to add them to future cloudforms versions

produban: gruposantander's IT technology company is providing better billing support for the manageiq project


joefitzgerald, vice president of red hat management department

red hat cloudforms4 is a milestone in hybrid cloud management. The addition of container management will enable cloudforms to provide a unified management experience in more cloud platforms. We are very happy to continue to establish a strategic relationship with Microsoft to meet customer needs by adding management capabilities to microsoftazure. With red hat cloudforms4, users can find the most comprehensive hybrid cloud management solution in the industry based on open source technology

jaridcottrell, chief technical expert of boozallenhamilton

the integration of projectjellyfish and manageiq is a strong proof of the long-term cooperative relationship between boozallen and red hat. Both of us have been working hard to promote and lead the real end-to-end Open Cloud solution. Experimental operators should not touch the case casually. Users will see the integration of projectjellyfish and manageiq in the new self-service of cloudforms4. We plan to add more exciting features in subsequent versions. Through the strategic alliance with red hat, we will carry out our business in a more innovative way, not just the collaboration between projectjellyfish and manageiq

coreysanders, director of microsoftazure computing

through the integration of red hat cloudforms and microsoftazure, we can fulfill the commitment of free choice and flexibility put forward in red hat and Microsoft ecosystem. We are pleased to be able to expand our strategic alliance with red hat to meet the needs of customers in the current mixed and diversified environment

sunilkhandekar, CEO of nuagenetworks, is very happy to work with red hat and manageiq communities to bring software definition networks to cloudforms. As our users begin to adopt the cloud platform, they want to simplify and integrate operation management, and continue to expand this capability to meet their network needs. By integrating the network service abstraction and automation capabilities of nuagenetworks virtualization service platform (VSP) into cloudforms, cloud builders can coordinate computing resources and network resources from the attachment of a single tensile testing machine, which is mainly used to fix the sample system

juanantoniodelafuente, engineering director of produban

as a technology company of gruposantander, one of the world's largest banks, integrating innovative solutions into business to maintain the competitive advantage of the enterprise is the pressure we continue to face. By cooperating with red hat in the manageiq community, we avoid the traditional purchase or construction decisions, and can choose both options at the same time. We work with red hat to build solutions in an innovative way to help ourselves solve some business problems. After that, we can buy some ready-made products that do not need customization. They do not have the disadvantages of customized products. It turns out that the innovative cooperation with red hat is very valuable to us

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