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Recycling waste pesticide packaging to improve rural living environment

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since the recycling and disposal of pesticide (agricultural film) waste packaging started in 2019, Feidong County has disposed of pesticide bottles. The new factory has three 100000 level clean rooms (bags) producing medical grade pipelines and accessories, totaling 70 tons

on the morning of May 3, at a pesticide waste packaging purchase site in Gucheng Town, Feidong County, many villagers pushed a tricycle full of pesticide bottles after the hammer touched the impact specimen, waiting for weighing. "Originally, it couldn't be sold, and everyone threw it everywhere, which affected the appearance of the village. If you don't say it, it will also cause pollution. It shows that the automobile industry accounts for a considerable proportion of carbon emissions. Now it can be sold, and it won't be thrown away again in the future. Most of this car is picked up by us." Villager Mr. Zhao said

"since the establishment of the acquisition site, villagers have come to sell pesticide bottles almost every day. Since this year, I have purchased 150000 waste. Everyone has not lost it, but also picked it up and sold it everywhere. The field is much cleaner! We purchase it at different prices of large, medium and small, classify and package it, and then transport it to the county for centralized disposal by professional companies." Lin Xuewu, the person in charge of the acquisition site, introduced

it is understood that in 2019, Feidong County issued a work plan for the recycling and disposal of pesticide packaging waste. According to the model of leading enterprises + Township recycling centers (stations) + grass-roots recycling points, 20 Township recycling centers and 231 recycling points were established to form a county-level recycling and disposal system for pesticide (agricultural film) waste packaging

"the municipal finance arranges the subsidy fund of 'Rural Human Settlements renovation - recycling and disposal of agricultural materials waste packaging' to subsidize the county (city) District, and the county (city) district also has supporting funds. We are responsible for the collection of all wastes in the county, and then a company in Ma'anshan will come and transport them back for incineration and destruction." Said Chen Zhigang, head of Feidong ruihongxiang agricultural means of production Co., Ltd

According to the relevant person in charge of Feidong County supply and marketing cooperative, the county has initially established a closed-loop mode of pesticide waste packaging production → recycling → collection → incineration and destruction. "We require the recycling point to record the date, quantity, sender and contact information of the purchased waste, the amount of recycling subsidies, etc.; the market recycling subject should set up a special account to record the date, quantity and other contents of recycling, transshipment and disposal of waste."

as of the end of April this year, the county has allocated 440000 collection fees, 1.07 million construction fees and 291595 million disposal fees. "This year, the recycling volume of discarded pesticide bottles (bags) is planned to reach 5million since June 2013, and the recycling volume of discarded agricultural film is 10 tons, and the recycling and disposal rate will strive to reach more than 80%." The person in charge said

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