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Recycling has become a way to realize the environmental protection design of commodity packaging

change the input mode of raw materials, use them locally, reuse valuable by-products and recycled products, and recycle various materials in the process; Change the production process or manufacturing technology, improve the process control, transform the original equipment, and minimize the consumption of raw materials, waste generation, energy consumption, health and safety risks and ecological damage; Try to use the natural environment, conduct corresponding environmental assessment on air, soil, water and waste discharge, and determine its impact on biodiversity, human health and natural resources according to the relative scale of environmental load

environmental protection design of recycling treatment is a design idea and method that considers a series of problems such as the possibility of recycling packaging materials, the size of recycling value, recycling treatment methods and so on in the early stage of packaging design, so as to maximize the utilization of packaging materials and energy, and minimize environmental pollution. The contents of recyclable design include: recyclable materials and signs, recyclable processes and methods, economic evaluation of recyclability without deformation, recyclable structure, so the design is recommended in gb228 (2) 002, etc. At present, many countries in the world are applying direct recycling technology to collect, classify, crush, clean, melt or directly form plastic bottles. 3. In order to improve the classification efficiency after a long time without experiments, the United States has developed an automatic plastic bottle sorting system, which uses computer-controlled mechanical devices and fluorescent sensors to automatically detect PET bottles from PVC and pet mixing bottles and pick them out on the conveyor belt. Chinese environmentalists pointed out that the culprit of "white pollution" is not the continuous growth of Global trade in lunch boxes and plastic bags, accompanied by the increasing number of cargo ships in service, but the failure to implement recycling. Now some cities in China have also proposed that whoever produces disposable lunch boxes is responsible for recycling, and have formulated reward and punishment policies for recycling, which has achieved good results. Some other cities reprocess waste plastic packaging into recycled plastic through transformation and recycling technology for reuse or develop waste plastic oil refining technology, which is highly praised by insiders. At present, the Chinese government has invested heavily in planning and constructing waste recycling, separation and power generation projects, which is of great significance for protecting the ecological environment and sustainable development

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