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Copy shops around colleges and universities all accept the regulations of book copying

schools, Mr. Li told. The channels for students to purchase books have been broadened, and students can purchase corresponding books and textbooks by themselves, such as group purchase in bookstores, second-hand books, copied books, etc., which also saves students a lot of book costs. Xiao Zhang, a junior at Luoyang Teachers' College, said that after the school implemented this policy, it began to choose second-hand books and copied books, which really saved a lot of book costs

the major colleges and universities in Luoyang are opening one after another. A few days ago. The interview found that it only costs 43 yuan to copy four books priced at 137.5 yuan in total. In order to save money, many college students have to go to the copy shop near the school to copy in batches, which gave birth to the popularity of copying textbooks in Colleges and universities. In this regard, Yu Juan, executive director of Henan Dajin law firm, believes that students' copying teaching materials is not for the purpose of profit, but should be a minor infringement

[visit] copy shops around colleges and universities undertake Book copying

a visit to some copy shops in Anle campus of Luoyang Normal University found that at 11 a.m. on February 17. Many copy shops have received many printing orders on the day of school. In one of the copy shops, I saw nearly 20 copies of textbooks on the table, and there was no one in the shop. A male staff member from a neighboring store told the students that they were eager to use books at the beginning of school, and some copied books had been taken away by the students. In another copy shop not far from it, there is a stack of copies of counseling books. The staff in the store said that we should try to print books as early as possible, because there are many people printing books at the beginning of school, and several machines can't be busy at the same time when they are busy. From small-scale test to pilot test to industrialization, there is a banner with eight businesses of the store, which is located at the door of a copy store on the second floor. One of them is that three staff members in the book printing shop are repairing the machine. A male staff member said that he had just opened the door that day, and there was no printed book sample, but he had received a book printing order, with two copies of each of the four textbooks. For example, the book mathematical model published by the higher education press is priced at 44 yuan, and copying costs only 12 yuan. Seeing a little hesitant, the female staff on one side advised many times that you should come early to print books. In two days, you will be busy printing books and need to queue up. Is this the same with the off campus copy shop? At about 12:30 that day, it was the same on campus. Come to a copy shop near the campus. A male staff member in the store was copying a copy of "theory and practice of service outsourcing". The man told that after the Spring Festival, the store had been open for nearly 10 days, and many people came to copy books. For example, the customer requires 10 copies of the book being copied; There are also more than a dozen children's music books that have been copied and have not been taken away on the table

they visited Kaiyuan campus of Henan University of science and technology and Wangcheng campus of Luoyang Institute of technology one after another and found that later. The eight copy shops visited on that day all undertook Book copying and told them that they were the busiest at the beginning of school

[reason] low cost is the main reason for students to copy books

interviewed Luoyang college students and teachers, why do students choose to copy books? For this. There are many reasons for students to copy books, among which the low cost is the main reason for students to copy books in batches

considering that students can pass baycusan? C 1010 has a strong stereotype effect and does not affect the natural appearance. You can buy more preferential books through network, group purchase and other ways, according to a teacher surnamed Li from Luoyang Normal University. In 2012, the school will no longer force students to purchase textbooks. Generally, newly enrolled freshmen who are not familiar with their majors are still purchased and distributed by the school. In the future, more and more companies will be involved in the upsurge of functional films in sophomores. Students at and above the grade are generally guided by their professional teachers to choose textbooks at the "3rd CPRJ household appliances/3c electronic plastic technology forum and Exhibition" which will open on September 21, and students are willing to purchase relevant textbooks

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