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Red Lion control's award-winning graphic HMI platform launched new communication options

York, Pennsylvania, April 8, 2015 - Red Lion control, a global expert in communication, monitoring and control in the field of industrial automation and networking, today announced the launch of two new communication modules for its graphic human machine interface (HMI) operation panel to support some of the most popular industrial protocols. PROFIBUS (gmpbdp) and de extruders can be divided into single screw, twin screw and multi screw extruders according to the number of screws. The vicenet (GMDN) plug-in module is designed for the graphite HMI platform, which can provide the connectivity required by customers, thus adding powerful monitoring and control functions to the existing operation panel

red lion's new plug and play module meets the increasing demand for device interoperability, so that customers can make full use of red lion's rugged graphite HMI (built-in protocol converter and 300+ communication driver) to support almost all communication devices. The gmpbdp module adds the support of PROFIBUS DP devices, while the GMDN module allows the HMI to operate as a DeviceNet 2-group server

with the new communication module, our powerful HMI products can continue to provide customers with more ways to make it easier for customers from all walks of life to connect, monitor and control processes, explained Jeff Thornton, product management director of Red Lion control. PROFIBUS and DeviceNet modules provide customers with more choices to help them meet the changing needs of industrial and remote environments with integrated communication solutions

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graphite h adhesives and coatings of Red Lion company: adhesives, composite adhesives, reinforcing agents, starch adhesives, sealing adhesives, latex, resins, self-adhesive; Mi has just been rated as the best product of the year in HMI hardware in 2014 by readers of automation world. Its built-in network server allows users to monitor and control applications through PC, tablet or intelligence. SMS and e-mail alarm can realize early warning of process problems, so as to avoid costly downtime events. In addition, the protocol conversion function enables programmers to choose from more than 300 protocols, so that they can be seamlessly integrated into various devices such as PLC, driver, barcode reader and panel meter

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as a global expert in communication, monitoring and control in the field of industrial automation and networking, Red Lion control has been committed to providing innovative solutions to customers for more than 40 years. We use award-winning technology to help companies worldwide obtain real-time data and improve production efficiency. Its brands include Red Lion, n-tron and SIXNET. The company is headquartered in York, Pennsylvania. In addition, it has offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. For more information, please visit. Red Lion, which belongs to spectris group, is a company that manufactures precision instruments and control equipment and 2) electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machines to improve productivity for customers

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