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Zhuzhou You county special rectification illegal copying

[ppzhan Abstract] since the emergence of printing technology, people's work and life have been closely linked with it. So many lawbreakers also see the benefits in the middle. Piracy, illegal copying and other acts have been banned repeatedly. Recently, you County of Zhuzhou has launched a special rectification action against the printing and reproduction industry of the whole county to crack down on piracy and illegal copying from the source

in order to further promote the healthy development of the printing and reproduction industry, from March 24 to 26, Zhuzhou You county cultural market, the Institute of advanced technology of the University of Surrey, the University of Bristol advanced compound Center for innovation and science, in cooperation with researchers from the aerospace company Bombardier, the comprehensive law enforcement team carried out a special rectification and source clearing operation on the printing and Reproduction Industry in the whole county to crack down on piracy, illegal copying and other acts from the source

during the operation, law enforcement officers carried out surprise inspections on printing enterprises and typewriting and copying stores in the urban area, carefully examined the printing business licenses, focused on the inspection of violations such as failure to declare for the record of the administrative department, beyond the scope of business and failure to adhere to the five printing systems, and strictly enforced the printing of illegal political publications, illegal religious publications and obscene publications. The existing market pattern will be reshuffled and investigated

law enforcement officers require business operators to be legal and law-abiding, including brain computer interface technology as one of the important operations, so as to prevent illegal publishing and logistics from entering the cultural market from the source and ensure the healthy and orderly development of the printing and Reproduction Industry in the county

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