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The British plastic industry has launched a plan to make greater efforts to achieve the government's goal of 57% recovery of plastic packaging in 2017

this plan, called "plastic industry action plan", calls on all practitioners to make efforts to achieve the goal

in 2013, 787050 tons of plastic packaging were recycled in the UK. If the government approves that the total amount of plastic bags put on the market in 2013 is 2.49 million tons, the recovery rate in the UK in 2013 is 32%

without the full participation of all such as the central government, local governments, waste management agencies, the second error collector, supporting projects and mandatory users, producers and processors, it will be difficult to achieve this goal

wrap, a British recycling organization, and Valpak, a partner company, estimate that the recovery rate of 57% will not be reached until 2020

based on this situation, the government also has great expectations for undertaking a real rubber related industry. The government is currently consulting relevant institutions to study whether this goal should be revised to 42% of the original plan, and will postpone the completion schedule

at the same time, the industry also called on practitioners to take various measures to improve the recovery rate of plastics, including removing the policy threshold set by the government, expanding the range of recyclables, and improving the quality of packaging materials in recycling factories

this plan was designed by wrap Association and plastic 2020. "Plastics 2020" is a special group composed of European Plastics Association for user experience, British Plastics Association and plastic packaging film association

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