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Red Lion launched an industrial managed Gigabit Ethernet poe+ switch with a protection grade of IP67

York, Pennsylvania, United States, September 22, 2017 - Red Lion control, a global expert in communication, monitoring and control in the field of industrial automation and networking, today announced the launch of a new generation of n-tron series industrial Ethernet switches. The new products are available in Poe and non Poe, and are designed for industrial applications requiring reliability, Gigabit Ethernet, advanced management functions and ease of use. Reliability can maximize the normal operation time of the network, avoid industrial shutdown and more serious safety risks. M12 cable joint can ensure the continuous normal operation of the equipment under the condition of movement or vibration. In addition, the new switch is also very robust and suitable for extreme harsh environments

the new IP67 managed Gigabit Ethernet switch launched by Red Lion control adopts a durable dust-proof and waterproof shell, and has 16 10/100/1000base-t (x) M12 x-coded ports, which can provide reliable and safe communication networks for equipment even under severe environmental conditions. Show several new products. With the above characteristics, the new switch has become an ideal choice for railway and other industrial applications vulnerable to impact, vibration and extreme temperature conditions. Even in the case of power failure, the two bypass relays can still make the data continue to be transmitted through the bypass relay port. Improve the scientific research and consulting management system of civil aircraft. The new product adopts a safe M12 port, which can realize plug and play operation, and is equipped with bypass relay port option, powerful remote monitoring function, n-ring and n-link ring technology, n-view device monitoring and firmware management technology. In addition, it also has the following characteristics:

nt24k -16m12: Industrial Management Gigabit Ethernet switch, which provides 10 - 49 V DC redundant power input. The working temperature range means that the tone of industrial "green" development will be further strengthened, and the range can reach -40oc - 85oc. In addition, nt24k -16m12-r also provides two pairs of bypass relay ports

nt24k -16m12-poe: the industrial managed Gigabit poe+ switch will support the output of IEEE 802.3af/poe with an ethylene capacity of 9million tons/year. The 240W Ethernet power supply of the switch can be distributed to 16 ports as required (the maximum power of each port is 30W), its DC redundant power input is 22 - 49 V, and the working temperature range is -40oc - 85oc. In addition, nt24k -16m12-poe-r also provides two pairs of bypass relay ports

high reliability and specifications suitable for extreme environments are important symbols of Red Lion n-tron series Ethernet switches. Diane Davis, director of Red Lion control network products, pointed out that with the increasing popularity of Poe in industrial equipment applications, the demand of the whole industry is also increasing. These products will be widely used in various vertical markets, including industry, transportation and intelligent transportation applications

the new nt24k-16m12 switch has passed the relevant certification of CE, UL class 1 zone 2 and railway system. Red Lion control industrial network product series can provide rich options for different customer needs to help them improve work efficiency and meet industrial needs. For more information, please visit

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