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Red Lion releases a new generation of human machine interface (HMI) to help realize factory automation

Guide: Red Lion releases a new generation of human machine interface (H5. Auto scale mi) to help realize factory automation. The new CR1000 and cr30 Cui Lixin made an analogy. The 00 human machine interface (HMI) is equipped with crimson 3.1 software, which has the functions of protocol conversion, data recording, network monitoring and control, and further improves the developer and user experience

York, Pennsylvania, September 27, 2017 - Red Lion control, a global expert in communication, monitoring and control in industrial automation and networking, today announced the launch of its latest generation of human machine interfaces (HMI) CR1000 and cr3000. Both products adopt the new crimson 3.1 software, which not only has the functions of protocol conversion, data recording and web server that can meet the needs of remote monitoring and control applications, but also provides a more attractive interface with advanced design

the size of the new generation CR1000 and cr3000 HMIS ranges from 4.3 inches to 15 inches. Users can choose the appropriate size according to their own needs, and support a variety of connection methods, which helps customers cope with the practical challenges in the multi manufacturer equipment environment. Both products have built-in crimson 3.1 software, which can support more than 300 industrial protocol conversions through the constantly expanding built-in protocol library, and can connect devices from different manufacturers. In addition, the product also updates and expands the graphics library, and applies anti aliasing rendering technology to the elements, which can support 16m colors. This enables designers to have more choices, create interfaces with better visual effects and more natural appearance, and then develop more three-dimensional and operable operation interfaces, and more intuitive screens for information, graphics and message transmission

crimson 3.1 software also adds some functions and shortcuts, making the development process easier than ever before. For a long time, crimson software of Red Lion control has been famous for its simple operation. With the introduction of crimson 3.1 and the new generation HMI, this advantage is more significant. Paul Bunnell, director of product management of Red Lion control automation, said that these two integrated products have more functions, which can shorten the time of database creation. From rearranging the elements in the graphics library to simplifying the access to the most common items, and then to providing users with the function of creating a custom collection list, we continue to explore innovation and strive to make customers have an intuitive and easy experience

with the help of the built-in network server, cr3000 users can safely monitor and control devices through personal computers, tablets or smart. Cr3000 can also send alerts in the form of text messages or e-mails to timely warn of problems in the operation experiment schedule, which can be determined according to needs, so as to effectively avoid downtime and reduce the resulting expensive losses. In addition, cr3000 also has data recording function, which is very important for troubleshooting and meeting regulatory requirements. Real time data recording helps to continuously improve the process and troubleshoot emergency problems. Jeff Thornton, product manager of Red Lion control display and interface, pointed out that today, users can use more tools to easily access trend data through the screen, and narrow or expand the query scope through simple and intuitive button controls. That is, by configuring appropriate accumulators in the hydraulic system,

the new generation HMI adopts a durable polycarbonate shell, with a protection grade of IP66, excellent impact and vibration resistance, and a working temperature from -10 C to +50 C, which can meet the application needs of various manufacturing environments to ensure stable work. It can be called an ideal solution for applications in manufacturing, packaging, catering, plastics and other industries

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