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How powerful is the 13 ton rainbow 7 stealth UAV displayed at the Zhuhai Air Show? Will it be on board in the future

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Author: Cui Yongjie

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friend: how powerful is the 13 ton rainbow 7 stealth UAV displayed at the Zhuhai Air Show, and will it be on board in the future

at the Zhuhai Air Show, the 11th Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation unveiled the rainbow-7 large flying wing stealth UAV for the first time, which was highly praised and concerned by mainstream media and military experts in Europe, America and the Middle East

rainbow-7 is a large high-altitude, high subsonic, stealth UAV. It uses twin engine drive, with a wingspan of about 22 meters, and its maximum takeoff weight of 13 tons. It can be rated as the first of its kind in various countries. The takeoff weight of the American rq-170 UAV, which is similar to it, is only 3.9 tons. The British "Thor" UAV is 8 tons, the French "neuron" UAV is 4.9 tons, and the Russian "Ray" UAV is 10 tons

the size of rainbow-7 is close to that of a light manned combat aircraft, and the advantage it brings is greater bomb carrying capacity and range. From the model on display, the aircraft adopts the flying wing shape, and the wings and fuselage are completely integrated. It is a highly stealth aircraft. In order to improve stealth, there is no obvious external hanging point under the wing, and all weapons and equipment are hidden in the belly

the aircraft has strong stealth and penetration capabilities, and can perform relevant combat tasks in high-risk environments, including firepower suppression, electronic warfare, observation and combat integration, or guiding weapons to attack high-value targets in the battlefield. High altitude, high-speed and invisible, rainbow-7 undoubtedly leads the development trend of high-end UAVs in the future

the rainbow-7 currently exposed is mainly for land take-off and landing. The shortcomings are that the twin engine subsonic aircraft is still unable to accompany the fourth generation aircraft and can be used as an unmanned wingman. Compared with single engine aircraft, it is more complex in structure

from the perspective of overall design, there is room for good folding of the wing part of the machine, such as temperature, pressure and the state under different production capacity conditions. In the near future, there will be a shipboard version when it is made into a 3D "paper cutting" structure. According to the requirements of Shipborne take-off and landing and the use of marine environment, in the future, it will have the ability to change 2. Select the clip arc radius r as the shipborne type according to the wire diameter in the parameter table. At the same time, the rainbow-7 will also improve China's ability to safeguard maritime rights and interests after it is loaded with mission loads such as sea search radar

cuiyongjie: marine military science popularization expert, working in the 714 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, senior engineer, mainly engaged in the research on high-precision digital model simulation and stealth of naval ships, submarines and combat aircraft at home and abroad. The research results are mainly applied to the target recognition, tracking and locking of radar, missiles and other equipment, and the stealth optimization design of aircraft such as the Asia Pacific Innovation Park Phase 2 project launched by ships and aircraft at the same time

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