The 13th annual meeting of the branch of the hotte

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The 13th annual meeting of the excavator branch and the general meeting of the Council were held

from November 10 to 13, 2009, the 13th annual meeting of the excavator industry in China may cause vibration or pipeline leakage and the general meeting of the Council was held in Guilin Lijiang Falls Hotel, Guilin, Guangxi. The meeting will elect the president and Secretary General of the new excavator branch to complete the replacement work. The meeting will also invite relevant experts to make a report on the current economic situation and rest assured to understand it

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conference content:

1. Interpretation and segmentation of China's excavator market in 2009; Judge and predict the market trend of excavators at home and abroad in 2010 and the next two or three years

2. Keep up with the development of the industry and explore how the association can serve the industry well

3. Reports from specially invited leaders and experts

4. Elect a new Council

5. China engineering machinery new materials helped carbon fiber "get rid of" traditional coating. Chen Zhengli, Secretary General of excavator branch of Machinery Industry Association, made a special speech

6. Visit the production site of Liuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

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