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The 13th Asia Pacific International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition was grandly opened. From September 3 to September 6, 2013, the 13th Asia Pacific International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition, jointly sponsored by China Light Industry Federation, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, China United Equipment Group Co., Ltd. and China Light Industry Machinery Association, was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center

with the development of new material industry supported by the state, the implementation of incentive policies for sustainable development and the strictness of environmental protection policies, plastic rubber plays an increasingly important role in the development of national economy and has gradually become irreplaceable materials; At the same time, the hardness and elasticity of new composite materials are much higher than those of individual components, and they have been more applied in some new fields. The plastic and rubber industry is facing not only excellent development opportunities, but also unprecedented challenges. At such a critical moment, the 13th Asia Pacific Exhibition will carry the important task of promoting the continuous innovation and development of the plastic and rubber industry, interpret the development trends of the industry, and lead the healthy development of the industry

the exhibition covers an area of 50000 square meters, and nearly 500 enterprises from Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Austria, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland participated in the exhibition. The exhibition can be described as a gathering of elites, and the exhibitors almost include excellent domestic and foreign enterprises active in the Chinese market, such as Japan's JSW, Kawada, Matsui, Kawaguchi, shunyejia, teiren, Germany's Demag, Klaus mafi, the United States' mirakron, pioneer, Ogilvy products, aikos, Austria's Weimeng Battenfeld, Italy's Dage, Taiwan's fuqiangxin, Liansu, Yangming machinery, weifuxing, huawang, AIFA Xinyi, Panshi, Sheng 2 After extracting aluminum from fly ash (Inner Mongolia), Meimei, Fengtie, Taichung precision machinery, Hong Kong Lijin, Baike, maxtech, yizhimi, China Haitian, Donghua Machinery, Shandong Tongjia, Jiangsu Lianguan, Dalian Sanlei, Qinchuan plastic machinery, Weifang zhongyun, Weili, Jiangsu Weida, Keya, Haitai, Dalian Rubber and plastic, Jiangsu Lianguan, Suzhou Tongda, Guangdong Jinming, Shantou Dacheng, Jinfa, Asia Pacific International, Shenma, China Resources special plastic, Yuntianhua Kaifeng Longyu, Huajin Group, Jinhu Rili, Korea Shihua, Zhonglan Chenguang, Julong and other well-known enterprises. The exhibits are also the latest materials, processing technologies and equipment developed by enterprises, including engineering materials, precision, large-scale injection molding machines, high-speed extruders, in mold labeling technology, in mold assembly technology, efficient mixing technology and equipment, plastic recycling technology and equipment, rubber precision molding technology, automatic control and automation technology, monitoring technology, rotary blow molding technology, large-scale multi-layer hollow molding technology and equipment, Among the new products, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the protagonists, and advanced technology has led the way. During the four-day exhibition, about 50000 professional visitors from home and abroad from more than 30 countries and regions, including Russia, India, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States, will come to visit

combined with the development of the industry, this exhibition also opened three special areas with characteristics. The scientific and Technological Innovation Zone of plastic and rubber industry, with the purpose of openness, development, cooperation and development, not only provides an opportunity for scientific research institutions in the plastic and rubber industry to cooperate, exchange and display, but also creates a docking environment for the transformation of scientific research and innovation achievements to the market; At the same time, it will also show the scientific and technological innovation of industrial enterprises to the industry, showing the deep technical support and style of the enterprise; The second-hand equipment trading, maintenance and transformation zone mainly provides the industry with plastic and rubber second-hand equipment trading services, including second-hand equipment supply and demand information, equipment quotation and information services, and builds a practical supply and demand platform for industry enterprises; The talent exchange zone provides information on talent supply and demand, and promotes talents in the plastic and rubber industry to give full play to their role

Asia Pacific Exhibition witnessed the development of China's plastic and rubber industry, the progress of science and technology and the arduous process of integrating into the world. With its unique positioning, it timely reflected the latest trends in the plastic and rubber industry at home and abroad, constantly attracted the attention of domestic and foreign merchants, and gradually became one of the plastic and rubber professional exhibitions with large-scale and authoritative information in China's plastic and rubber industry. With high trade turnover and high service quality, The reputation of high business satisfaction has established a good brand image at home and abroad, and built a solid bridge for industrial development, which is obviously beneficial to the development of enterprises and industrial progress

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